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Stock Sizes in Stainless Steel
SPEC conical springs are cone shaped compression springs designed to provide a near constant spring rate and a solid height lower than a normal spring. Each spring features a variable pitch to achieve the constant spring rate and coils which nest during deflection to provide a solid height approximately equal to two wire diameters.

All springs are manufacturer from stainless steel for use in a multitude of environments.

Stainless Steel Type 302 per ASTM A313 or AMS 5688 spring temper. (Chemical and physical only.)
Stainless steel springs are not recommended for applications where the temperature exceeds 260 deg. C (500 deg. F).
No charge for certificate of conformance when requested. Certificate of chemical analysis available, at additional charge.

Direction of Helix - Right Hand

Squared ends not ground.

Standard finish is that of the normal wire

Spring Rate
The spring rate is linear due to the variable pitch

Springs are designed to permit active coils to nest within each other. This provides a solid height of approximately two wire diameters

Solid Height
Due to coil nesting, the solid height is approximately equal to two wire diameters

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