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Belleville Springs

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Belleville Spring Washers

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Belleville Spring Washers

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Compression Springs from stock in music wire and stainless steel

Our stock of standardized compression springs provides design engineers, draughtsmen and maintenance departments with precision-engineered springs in an economical and time-saving way.

The SPEC service saves paperwork, time and therefore money. Design work and calculations are no longer requried. A selection can be made from the detailed specifications and orders placed simply by quoting catalogue numbers and quantities.

Music Wire to DIN 17223, Class C.
No 1, 1200

Stainless Steel Wire to DIN 17224
No 1, 4310

Right hand

Wire up to 0.8mm. Squared and unground
Wire over 1.0mm. Squared and unground

All dimensions and forces to DIN 2095

Surface Finish

d = Wire diameter
OD = Outside diameter
L0 = Free Length
L1 = Loaded Length (minimum working length)
P1 = Load at L1
P/f = Rate




Extension Springs