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High Performance Disc Springs

Manufactured under strict quality control to conform to DIN 2093 load characteristics, disc springs in the SPEC range are for arduous applications which require high resistance to fatigue. Stress calculations conform to DIN 2092.


Group 1 Springs are manufactured from high carbon steel strip to German specification CK67 to BS 1449 part 1 CS70 (1972) and American specification AISI 1070 with material thickness less than 1 mm.

Group 2 springs are manufactured from alloy steel conforming to Euronorm and German specification 50 Cr V4 and American specification AISI 6150, having a material thickness from 1 mm up to and including 6 mm.


Group 1 springs are not machined but have edges rounded.
Group 2 springs are machined on the inside and outside diameters with all edges rounded.

All Disc Springs are austempered to provide an optimum blend of mechanical properties (hardness/ductility)

Phosphated and oiled.

Available on request

In addition to the standard stock range of DISC springs listed, the following additional ranges can be supplied against special orders. Disc springs to DIN 2093 standard having intermediate dimensions or outside diameter in excess of 100 mm.

Bearing pre-load disc springs to standard international bearing dimensions.

Disc springs to DIN 2093 may also be ordered in the natural condition, or chemi-blacked as alternative's to the standard finish. Zinc and Cadmium plated springs are available for more arduous corrosive environments. Alternatively, stainless steel and nimonic materials may be used for the most arduous corrosion and for high temperature applications.

Delivery times and prices for disc springs not stocked on request.




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