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Belleville Springs

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Belleville Spring Washers

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Extension springs from stock in music wire and stainless steel

Like our compression spring range SPEC stock extension springs have been specified and designed to high precision standards. All SPEC extension springs have uniform body diameter and are produced with full twist loops the same diameter as the body. They are wound with initial tension; some force is required before the coild are initially separated. As with other SPEC stock components, they are capable of wide application for experimental, development, prototype and maintenance work.


Music Wire to DIN 17223 Class C
No 1, 1200

Stainless Steel wire to DIN 17224
No 1, 4310

Coiled - Right Hand

German loops closed, in any position

All dimensions and forces to DIN 2097 (Grade 2)

Surface Finish

d = Wire diameter
OD = Outside diameter
L = Free Length (inside hooks)
L1 = Maximum Extended Length
P1 = Load at L1
f 1 = Extension at force P1
P/f = Rate




Extension Springs