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Belleville Springs

Belleville Springs

Belleville Spring Washers


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Wave Spring Washers from stock

Manufactured in high-carbon steel SPEC wave spring washers are normally used in thrust-loading applications for small deflections, particularly where radial space is limited. A typical example is the axial loading of ball bearings.


Nr. W61330-W61440
        DIN 17222-No 1248-equiv. SAE 1095
Nr. W61460-W61750
        DIN 17222-No. 1274-equiv. SAE 1075

Part numbers with suffix 'R' are stainless steel.
        DIN 17224-No. 1 4310-AISI 302

Surface Finish - Blued

Washers designs indicated by * have 2 waves. All others have 3 waves.




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