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Stock Sizes in Nitrogen Gas Springs & Multiple End Fittings
Now you can purchase your Gas Spring from the same reliable source that has supplied your stock mechanical springs SPEC. Our stock gas springs use the latest in sealing technology for longer service life. The stock selection consists of various pressure, stroke, and end fitting lengths. This flexibility allows the application of a stock gas spring to almost any application. Typical functions that use gas springs include counterbalancing, lifting, lowering, extending and retracting.

Blade ends are generally mounted over a shoulder bolt or a similar fixed shaft. Clevis ends are designed to slide over a bracket. Align blade and clevis end mountings parallel to each other. Proper alignment throughout the operating range is essential to obtain maximum cycle life. Ball ends are specifically designed to allow for a slight misalignment (12 Deg.) over the operating range of the spring. The preferred mounting orientation is rod down.

Part Specification
To order a gas spring the end suffix must be added to the part number. Example: To order cylinder number G0819-100-100, with a -1 blade end on the rod end and a -3 clevis end on the cylinder end, specify G0819-100-100-1-3.

Spring Force
The force listed is for fully extended spring. THe force will increase as the spring is compressed. Part number prefixes of G0819 and G1022 will have fully compressed loads approximately equal to 1.3 and 1.4 times the forces listed, respectively. Forces at intermediate deflections can be computed by proportion. Example: A G0819-100-100 base spring will have a fully compressed load of 1.3 x 22.5 lbs or 29.3 lbs. The force at 50% available compression is 1.15 x 22.5 lbs or 25.9 lbs.

Springs dampen on extension only.

Construction Features
Durable rod construction with anti-corrosive surface.
Exclusive seal construction allows for mounting in various positions.
Self contained lubrication for long life and smooth operation.
Selection of end fittings for universal applications.

Application Considerations
The preferred mounting orientation is rod down. Location of attachment points will alter the load carrying characteristics of the gas spring. For counter balancing applications the center of gravity and its respective load or force is essential to proper gas spring selection. In all cases, geometry plays a critical role in the application and life of the gas spring.

End Configurations
SPEC Stock Gas Springs have threaded ends which allow for the installation of blade, clevis, or ball ends. To determine the approximate overall length of the spring with attached ends, add the E dimension to the body length (BL).

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