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Stock sizes in multiple durometers
Associated Spring Stock Urethane compression springs are designed to complement our steel wire springs. These springs are designed for use in applications where corrosion, vibration, and magnetism prevent the use of a conventional steel spring. The SPEC line of urethane springs feature multiple durometers. This allows various load capacities within each specific size. SPEC urethane springs are compounded specially for optimized spring characteristics. Typical applications include vibration dampening, corrosive environments, high loads in confined spaces, cycle and static loading and nonmagnetic requirements.

Extension Springs

Water and oil resistant.
360 degree contact area.
Bondable to mating parts.
Can be mated to soft materials
Series stackable for additional deflection with use of spacers.

Urethane rubber
Durometers of 60A, 80A, 90A, 95A.
SPEC urethane is compounded to provide optimum spring characteristics.

Loading Applications
Urethane is a noncompressible material. The load of a urethane spring is obtained by bulging of the tube walls. Most of the bulging is to the outside diameter. The growth in outside diameter is approximately equal to the percentage of spring deflection. Example: A 1.00" spring is deflected 0.20" or 20%. Increase the outside diameter by 20%. A spring with an initial outside diameter 0.750" would bulge to 0.90". This expansion should be considered when selecting O.D. clearances.

Note: Load data shown is from laboratory testing. Load-deflection curves for 95A durometers are not provided due to extremely high spring rates. 95A durometer is recommended for cushioning applications only.

Inside Diameters
Urethane springs can be guided through the I.D. by a rod. The rod can be that of the size listed in the data tables for an interference fir whereby the spring I.D. grips the rod. Or, the rod can be reduced for a free fit.

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Extension Springs